Our Programs



In our 'Learn&Lunch' Program volunteers teach groups of kids once a week each. 

We focus on teaching English, basic writing and reading, whilst theming the classes around various topics such as environmental care, values and many more. 


We have a total of 89 children and 16 regular tutors, who are divided into five groups.  

swim .jpeg

Swim Class

Every week, we teach local kids how to swim. 

Divided into three different levels, the kids learn breathing techniques and how to float; later on they practice basic swimming strokes. Once the kids are confident and safe in the water, they graduate and space opens up for new kids to join.


As of now, 17 kids aged from three to nine are regularly attending the classes, taught by nine volunteers. 


'Food and Wake'

In collaboration with Siargao Wakepark, we accompany kids to the 'Food and Wake' program every week. 

Here the children can use the wake facilities, receive a free meal and experience something they normally never have the chance to. 


Altogether, we have brought over 300 children there! 


Dance Class

With this program, we dedicate time and attention to local children through the joy of movement and dance.

Professional dancers teach different dancing styles, techniques and choreography. With this fun activity, we aim to enhance coordination, boost concentration and build confidence. 



We have a Sponsorship scheme, where you are able to support a certain family with rice. 

You can choose between four packages:

Families of four and more members (50kg per month) :

- 3 months: £102 / 111€

- 6 months: £204 / 222€

Families of two or three members (25kg per month) :

- 3 months: £51 / 55,50€

- 6 months: £102 / 111€

So far, 30 families have been sponsored with monthly rice.

Update April 2021: From now on we are no longer starting new Sponsorships. However, if you are interested in donating towards rice, please get in touch with us. 

With all of our programs we provide a nourishing meal for each child. 

With 1€ / £0.9 you can provide 1 meal for one child.

With 20€ / £17 you can provide lunch for a whole class.