Seashine Siargao

 Creating a space where kids feel empowered to believe they can achieve more in life through joy, education and food.

Our mission


Organising a variety of special activities for the children.


Providing educational support and materials for the children.


Feeding children after every activity and supporting families with rice. 


About Siargao

Siargao island is a tropical paradise in the Philippine Sea, with a population of approximately 200,000 people. It has become a hotspot for travellers and surfers due to it's abundance of beautiful beaches, serene landscapes, world class waves and most of all the welcoming locals.


As the island has become more touristic in the last few years, it has opened a vast variety of jobs for the locals. 

Many families lost their jobs and stable incomes due to Covid-19. Kids were out of school for more than two years with minimal to no educational support. The island got devastated by a category 5 Super Typhoon in December 2021, and is still in the process of recovery - from both the strict regulations in the country during the pandemic and the aftermath of this natural disaster. 

This island has become a home to us and many. The two of us, Kefrin and Linn, lived in Siargao for two years, openly welcomed by the locals. They have shown us so much kindness and generosity, so we want to give back and support them in and after these times of crisis.

This project means a lot to us and we thank you immensely for any support or donation you are able or willing to give. What may be small to you, will be big to us and mean more than you think to the for the community here.

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